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"Infamous Productions makes a wide range of Android applications from kernel tools to Cyanogen Mod themes."

Infamous CM 12 Theme

Infamous CM12 Theme, the best just got better! The darkest and cleanest CM12 theme on the play store! If you are looking for a minimal black theme mixed with Google's new material design, then this is the theme for you! I run this theme personally so it will be updated more often then most themes. Check it out and email me if you have any request. Note: this is for the CM12 theme engine and ROMs with it built in. If you are not sure what this is don't try and download this. Again anything prior to Android 5.0 will not work. See Infamous CM11 for all others. Keep in mind that CM12 theme engine is still in early development and has bugs. Issues with the theme are due to this and not the theme itself!


Infamous Performance

Change CPU Governor, I/O Scheduler and Clock Speed. Backup and flash kernel's and recovery img's right from the app. Logcat like a pro with the built in GUI. Help your developer help you! VM Settings such as: Dirty Ratio, Dirty Backgroud ratio, Dirty expire centisecs, Dirty writeback centrisecs, Minfree kbytes, Overcommit ratio, Swappiness and VFS Cache pressure, Dynamic Fsync, Backlight timeout, Backlight on touchscreen, Phantom Key Presses Filter. Linux Kernel informations, CPU Informations, Memory Informations.


Infamous CM 11 Theme

Infamous CM11 Theme is a clean minimal blacked out theme for custom Cyanogen Mod type ROMs. The app itself has many awesome features. You can apply the theme right from the app. It has a preview gallery as well as wallpapers that you can apply right from the app.


"BEAST! My man James getting down yet once again with such and amazing and fluid theme to blow your mind with. he has brought some awesome sauce to cm12 theme engine. don't be a weenie and download this bad boy today!!!!!" The Maxx

"Infamous theme Always nothing but the best from Infamous. Nice work" WhiTeRhiNo

"Great Tool Terrific utility packed with good information at your fingertip and well laid out! Great job Infamous team!" Mark Jamison

"Great control app, thanks for the hard work Infamous. Excellent all around phone control. You name it, this does all." Zac Schenz

"That's My Boy!!!!!! That Jamison904, just a little shout out and showing some loooovvveee and appreciation for my peeps at infamous" victhesunshine

"Such a good theme. Although there are some errors (in the dialer if you go to statics at the top the text is black so you can't see outgoing or ingoing ). I would really really love it if you could make whatsapp with a black style though." baba abab

" Perfect, you fixed Android. There are yet some stubborn apps I need to reinstall...but you have succeeded where others cast seed on rocky ground." Russ L Smith